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BRC TAMS Universe Update January 2015

1. Background The TAM Universe is updated at regular intervals to correspond with the latest household and population figures of the All Media and Products Survey (AMPS). The next update is scheduled for the 2nd of February 2015, taking the TAMS universes from AMPS 2013A to AMPS 2014A, under the management of the Broadcast Research […]

Universe Updates History

TAM Universe Updates UNIVERSE UNIVERSE Date From Date To ES Total Households Total Individuals Individuals Definition RIM Update Comment 03/03/2014 current 2013a 12 837 052 42 900 434 4+ All RIMS * All Individual RIMS are broken into adults and children. 14/01/2013 02/03/2014 2012a 12 140 345 40 104 080 4+ ( RIM 8 ) * Additional ages introduced (50-64 and 65+ ) […]

TAM Glossary of Terms

Adult An adult is a panel member of age 15 years or older. The ages of all persons in the panel are automatically updated on the anniversary of their recorded birth dates. When a child turns 4 years old, he or she becomes eligible for participation in the TAM panel as per the TAM Universe. […]